Get a summary of all the conversations or a specific topic within a timeframe in a slack channel.



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/digest authentication endpoint



Ask any question, and Somi will try to answer that question as best as it can.



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/asksomi where is metrics tracking performed and why?

Is Somi free?

Yes, Somi has a starter plan that allows you to explore our features. Currently, we are in beta and we are offering the Basic plan for free until further updates.

What Slack access does Somi have?

When installing Somi to your workspace, you will see the full list of scopes requested. In general, Somi needs to read your messages, get context about the channel and users in order to process a response. Somi will also need write permissions to post the generated response.

Does Somi store my Slack messages?

No, Somi does not store any messages from your Slack conversations. Somi will query the messages every time you run a command and feed that as input into the language model for processing. For more information, please refer to our privacy policy and terms of use.

Does Somi query all the messages in my channel to generate a response?

Today, there is an approximate 3,000 word limit that Somi can process. Somi will automatically query your messages in reverse chronological order until that limit is reached. We will allow users to modify the time window in a future release. Do note that the 3,000 word limit will serve as Somi's knowledge base.

Is Somi's response reliable?

Somi uses OpenAI's GPT3 model to process information. You may find that Somi returns incomplete information when running /digest. For /asksomi, it is still in beta and there could be wrong responses returned. We are still working to gather the statistics around accuracy.

How can I install Somi into my workspace?

Click on "Add to Slack" button and follow the instructions to install it to your Slack workspace. You will need to log into the workspace and authorize the bot to access certain data or permissions. Once the bot is installed, you'll be able to use it after mentioning it in a channel or direct message.

How can I uninstall Somi?

You can remove Somi from your workspace, just like any other Slack integrations. Go to Settings & Administration > Manage Apps > Click on Somi in Installed Apps > Configuration tab > Remove App. Upon uninstall, Somi will not longer have access to your workspace. You can read more on the Slack website here.

Other questions?

Please contact us at help@asksomi.app



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For medium sized businesses

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  • 200 Somi Commands
  • Up to 30 workspace users
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For large corporations

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  • 500 Somi Commands
  • Up to 50 workspace users
  • Email, Chat Support
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